Senses Cultural to cohost autism workshops at Tehran autism school

Senses Cultural will be co-hosting two Living with Autism workshop at an autism school in Tehran with the support of the Tehran Ministry of Education for Children with Special Needs on May 27, 2018. The workshops are in collaboration with our sister company Shokraneh Mavaddat Jahani, a group in Iran promoting the well-being of mothers, families, and children with special need.

The first Living with Autism workshop, hosted during the day, will be for families with children living with autism. The conference will deal with the nuances of living with autism, with workshops specifically designed to help parents gain more knowledge about the disorder. Families will hear from Dr. Ismaili about massage therapy and sensory stimulation as autism treatment. We’ll also hear from Ms. Sharifi about behavioral reform and from Mr. Mesbah Ansari about the role of excitement and motivation in clinical behavior of people with autism.

The second Living with Autism workshop at the autism school in Tehran will also be on May 27th later that evening. These workshops will be focused on students and coaches workings with children with autism. Dr. Mohammad Nami of Shiraz University will discuss the effects of sleep problems in patients with autism spectrum, and Ms. Azadeh Zakaria will discuss using art as therapy for people living with autism.

Earlier this month Senses Cultural also co-hosted an autism workshop at Shiraz University, the first since we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Shiraz University. The workshops aimed to help families who have children with autism, as well as providing a space for experts to convene and collaborate.

Senses Cultural catalyst for autism awareness training at Shiraz University

Senses Cultural and the Department of Neuroscience at Shiraz University in Iran cohosted their first autism training event since signing a Memorandum of Understanding in March 2018.

The event, held Tuesday, May 1st, was in Shiraz at DANA Brain Health Institute, which is linked with Shiraz University.

Having a child with autism is a challenge. This workshop was organized to help parents navigate the many challenges, ranging for behavioral support to medical treatment. Over 50 parents with autistic kids attended the workshop in Shiraz. Parents had the opportunity to talk about concerns and getting practical solutions in advice in various aspects of handling the issues surrounding parenting an autistic kid. Speakers included Senses Cultural Advisory Board members Dr. Mohammad Nami and Dr. Marzieh Forgani.

The autism seminar at DANA Institute at Shiraz University in Iran on May 1, 2017 was in collaboration with Senses Cultural.

The MOU signed between Senses Cultural and Shiraz University in March 2018 aims to to foster research and training education initiatives in the field of autism and fragile X syndrome on an international scale.

Senses Cultural and Shiraz University hope to pursue a wide spectrum of research activity ranging from genetics to behavior and cognitive and also therapeutic aspects of autism and fragile X syndrome.

We are planning to organize more trainings, counseling programs and workshops either face-to-face or in webinar format.

Below are photos of the autism seminar at DANA Brain Health Institute at Shiraz University in Iran, held in collaboration with Senses Cultural.