Art Healing May 26

On May 26 people joined us for experiencing another relaxing Senses Cultural/Art Healing program. We believe; Art is invention, fun, play, message communication, inspiration, intuition, and simple contemplation of loveliness.
This works shop presented an Art of Impressionism.

Experience and Paint like Henri Matisse

participants created their original artwork with the subject of Impressionism combined with the playfulness like Henri Matisse did.

In this workshop one of the most famous of artist painting (Goldfish) was the main theme.
This work completed in 1911. Matisse painted the goldfish motif more than a dozen times between 1911and 1915.

Tata Monfared
Founder & Executive Director

Art Healing at Fusion Internatinal Art

Senses School of Art expanded Art Healing workshop to Sacramento.

This was another great opportunity for sharing the fantastic impact of Art Healing with our community, at Fusion International Arts Center in 2030 Del Paso Blvd in Sacramento, CA.


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Art Healing Family Program

We invite those with all levels of ability to participate, including children, adults, seniors and students.  This will be a terrific experience with two accomplished Art Healing practitioners from the Bay Area, Bahram and Jaleh.  They will be sharing the success, impact, and benefits of the program with us.
The previous workshop focused on Pop Art, and works of Miklosh Nemeth. Our next class will be around the works of Pablo Picasso.
The motivations, practice, and satisfactions of Art Healing have inspired Senses Cultural to expand this program, so that many more can benefit.

We will supply cardboard and painting materials for free.

The stretched canvasses and portrait orders will be priced based on the size and the quality of the materials. All sales will be tax-deductible.

Art Healing has been used to treat a variety of traumas, including disaster relief and crisis intervention, through a variety of delivery forms. We look forward to seeing you at this exciting Art Healing Event.

Senses School of Art – Second Art Healing Program

On Sunday, March 24, at a second “Art Healing” program at International House Davis. We attracted about 25 people from the Davis/Sacramento area last month. Taught by husband and wife team of Bahram Khamjani and Jaleh Alavi, everyone became an artist, using canvases printed with Op Art-style figures from Marilyn Monroe to Michael Jackson. All supplies were provided by the artists. “Everyone can paint,” said Khamjani.
“The program was a joyful experience for all the participants coming from different ages and professions,” said Tata Monfared. of  senses Cultural. The artists said that all stresses and worries leave as people begin working on their canvases, hence the healing part of “art healing.”

Monfared said she hopes that a continued series of Art Healing programs will lead to financial support for Senses Cultural philanthropic programs, including the making of a BYkids film in Afghanistan.

The I-House president Dr. Hamza El-Naklal:
“Thank you for all your good effort to help the community through art”.

SENSES CULTURAL Presents: Art Healing

Connecting residents to their families by art.

Children and the elderly have much to offer each other. The U.S. government reports that interaction with older adults improves a child’s communication skills, self-esteem and problem-solving abilities. For the elderly, interaction with children enhances socialization, increases emotional support and improves health.

Art is ageless

Senses Cultural  Presents: Art Healing Family Program Bridges Generations at International House Davis on Sunday February 24,
2-5 pm

This is a special opportunity for families and their friends to strengthen relationships and heal through the creation of beautiful art (and its fun!). Senses would like to offer a series of art healing classes to the community of Davis and around of Northern California, to fund its philanthropic projects.

Art Healing is a fun family project that explores making art as an inter-generational activity.

This program produces high quality art and lets everyone enjoy the moment of people working together.

Art Healing is extremely innovative and creates a way to have a lot of fun. Residents will work with classic and modern pop art to create their own masterpieces. This is a fun exercise in art requiring only your hands and eyes!

We look forward to sharing our Art Healing Program with you!