I Am You and We Are All One (Article from past issues)

Throughout the lengthy conversation, Fariha exudes the sense of serenity shared by many of her fellow “Voices of Truth” subjects. They share a belief that teachers are vitally important to spiritual health. “If we don’t have truthful teachers, then the leaders, the parents, the families, (and) society goes off-track and starts living at a level that is more selfish. And more in conflict. And you have wars, you have ethnic cleansing, you have religious hatred.” Rabbi David Cooper, author of the Kabbalah text “God Is a Verb,” agrees. “There is one thing I’ve noted in all of the teachers I’ve met. When we sit together, we have a connection on a mystical plane, that there’s a familiarity and a unity. And all of the trappings, the clothing we wear, how we speak, it all falls away with mystics. There seems to be a universal fragrance to mysticism.”

When filming ends, Flickstein and Temple will face the challenge of weaving the many interviews into a feature-length film – when the in-depth conversations often reach the two-hour mark. They anticipate completing “Voices of Truth” in late 2008 and plan to distribute it widely. One goal is to air it on PBS and submit it to film festivals. But they also plan to work the grass-roots to reach people by distributing DVDs to peace organizations, universities, spiritual gatherings, religious groups – anyone open to the message.

Flickstein knows that “Voices of Truth” will not be able to reach everyone and that some people who view it won’t be inspired by its message. But he’s fine with that. He reaches for a Buddhist metaphor to explain his goals. “The Buddhists say that there are three (types of) people in the world: people already clearminded, on the path to understanding. People on the other extreme (are) very rigid, fundamental in their belief, coming from a place of fear and isolation. And then there are people in the middle with ‘dust in their eyes.’ This film is meant to hit all three populations, but especially the people with just a little dust in their eyes, people looking for answers in a sincere way.” And so far, even though filming has not yet finished, people are responding. You can watch the “Voices of Truth” trailer by going to www.youtube.com.

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