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“I love learning what people are about and really asking good questions. There are many great artists, minds, geniuses, moviemakers and technicians throughout history. They all have something in common: they ask good questions. It’s the curiosity thing that is part of any person’s creative life no matter what your medium is,” he said. Pritchard himself is an inspiration. He is a true success story for every starving artist that is shooting for the moon and hoping to land among the stars. “I’m a big practitioner of keeping your dreams in front of you. Someone taught me at a very young age, ‘If you visualize it and put your heart into it, it will manifest on its own time.’ It may take several years or even a half a lifetime but you’ll get there,” Pritchard said. In a society where the curriculum and quality of education has long been in question, Pritchard is reinventing the ways we learn as a diverse group of people with a multitude of learning styles. He’s getting people excited about the state of technology and what it has to offer. “The computer has become my entire film studio. It’s amazing what you can do today with just some time.” To make it in this business, Pritchard says that you can’t have anything to hide: “Fearless creativity is the primary requirement for true success.” His newest project after ‘Star Cycles’, an autobiography narrated by his improvisational music, is a living testament to this philosophy. “It’s really dealing a bit more with the inner process that I’ve gone through in the last 15 years or so on my road to being a creative person,” explained Pritchard. With a unique interpretation of art, a progressive style and an open nature, John Pritchard connects the dots of his own stars. Through the trials of his life — and playing no-tag Rugby as a kid — he earned his rewarding epiphany: “It’s not about winning. It’s about pushing yourself to go places you haven’t been.”

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