Electric Universe (Article from past issues)

“Time Travel with the sacred science of Pythagoras, 2500 years and back to the present, emerging in a multimedia film in a 21st century cauldron.”

John Pritchard, an award-winning multimedia designer/filmmaker/musician, is taking the concept of multimedia art to a new realm with his latest project, “Star Cycles – The Timeless Wisdom of Pythagoras,” a musical, educational and interactive DVD. “Star Cycles” unravels musical, mathematical and mystical concepts introduced by the Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, more than 2,500 years ago. Snowballing off the successful release of “Novus” (2004), a film about the electromagnetic scientist Nikola Tesla, Pritchard rode the momentum into this project. Alongside bandmates Rich Damone (bassist) and Charlie Tokarz (flute/saxophonist), he set out to illustrate concrete and abstract concepts by creating a story that followed a musical narrative. The result: an entrancing production filled with psychedelic images that blend and dance with musical reverie. ‘Star Cycles’ is introducing a very simple perspective of the universe, the Milky Way, the local solar system, the planets, the Earth we live on – and then of course, humanity,” said Pritchard. “The whole process was an attempt to reach the high school/college audience who’s interested in both current astronomy and the fairly new concept that we live in an electric universe rather than a static nuclear furnace-based universe. We put together a musical, educational presentation that was introducing a lot of these concepts that we don’t get in our normal education — unless we really dig for it.”

A full-color book was printed to promote the movie and it has gained almost as much praise and attention as the film. The presentation of photographs, coupled with bits of information on Pythagoras and his timeless wisdom are a perfect supplement to the DVD, which has a companion website that launches while navigating the 10 learning modules that make up “Star Cycles”. “We all come from the stars and are intrinsically connected to their eternal cycles. Pythagoras called the harmonic vibrations of the planets and stars the ‘music of the spheres.’ His greatest symbol of truth and harmony is the geometric star pentagram we all learn to draw in nursery school,” explained Pritchard. “Star Cycles” – like every project Pritchard, a drummer and keyboardist, embarks on – began with sound. Every Tuesday night, his band has a conversation with their free-form jazz. Pritchard gushes over the effect a live jam session can have on the spirit: “Music teaches me how important it is to improvise, to roll with life, and to trust my intuition to produce my best efforts,” said Pritchard. “We’re really talking at a very high form of communication. It’s instant dialogue with rhythm, harmony and melody. We’re not composed, we let music play naturally.” The band is aptly named “Vyz”, as in the third syllable in ‘impro-vis-ation’.

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