Ms. Homira Azimi, filmmaker and director, has begun working with the Senses Cultural Foundation and Shokraneh Mavadat Jahani as the art ambassador of autism. Senses Cultural Foundation congratulates the cinematographer and hopes that with her help we can attract similar artists who are also passionate about promoting knowledge of autism by organizations, institutions, professionals and families. The presence of artists, and their support for humanitarian projects, can help reduce the challenges associated with raising a child with autism.

Ms. Azimi was born in Tehran. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Literature and has been active in the field of cinema. She was involved in the production of films such as “Metropolis,” and collaborated with the production of the film “When we all sleep ” which was produced by Bahram Beyzai. She also collaborated with Varouzh Karim Masihi in the movie “Doubt” and the exhibition of Nasser Daghahi’s photographs. The movie “Dear lady and summer” is about the experiences of Homira Azimi in the field of feature films. She has also played in the movie “In the Mirror”, which is the production of the Young Cinema Association.

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