The Photographic Work of Ms. Hamideh Zolfaghari

“I wish my pictures to be a testament to the heroism, frustrations, joys, and sorrows of the forgotten.”







Photographer Hamideh Zolfaghari is a talented contributor to Senses Cultural.  Featured heavily in Senses Cultural’s photography exhibition Enduring Power: The Middle Eastern and Iranian Woman’s Story in October 2014, Hamideh’s involvement with Senses has grown for 2015.  We are honored to name her as the newest addition to Senses Cultural’s Artist Contributors.

As Hamideh beautifully states, “I wish my pictures to be a testament to the heroism, frustrations, joys, and sorrows of the forgotten”.  With that mission in mind, Hamideh has generously offered to donate 50% of her art sales from future Senses Cultural events to support projects benefiting women and children throughout the Middle East and worldwide.

Born and raised in Tehran, Hamideh traveled to California to earn a degree in Creative Photography from San Jose State University.  After graduating, she spent several years working in San Francisco, but returned to Iran to continue her career.  In 1989, she participated in the Exhibition in the Museum of Modern Arts in Tehran, an annual event, and won first prize for photography.  This was the first of many showings for Hamideh, including solo and group showings in galleries across France, England, Switzerland and California.   In 1999, she began to work as a photographer for UNICEF.  She has won numerous awards for her work and enjoyed great success over the last 25 years.  Her travels through Iran’s modern landscape, paired with her understanding of traditional nomadic cultures, bring a great depth to her work and illustrate the beauty of all aspects of life.

As a female photographer in Iran, she “has fought to tell the stories of many that could not express it themselves”.  Her work highlights the extreme contrasts between men and women in the Iranian culture, and draws a link between “the nomadic tribes in Iran and the modern life in Tehran”.  For Hamideh, photography allows her to express the influence the world has on her and the influence she wants to have on the world.  She believes photography as a medium is a tangible reminder that we must understand each other – that we need each other as human beings.

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By Silvana Gargione

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