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April 2021

Senses Cultural is proud to announce the launch of our new educational podcasts series to mark and celebrate World Autism Month in April 2021.

Our inaugural webinar program is a discussion with Advisory Board Member Dr. Mohammad Nami, Medical Scientist and Sleep Disorders expert. In this program, Dr. Nami examines the relationship between Covid-19 vaccination and sleep disorders. His research and findings allow children and families coping with autism to better understand the impact of the pandemic on pervasive sleep disorder patterns.

Although research about the links between Covid-19 vaccines and sleep is not yet fully available, studies on other types of vaccinations show that sleep deprivation can reduce the effectiveness of vaccines. Sleep affects our immune system, and adequate sleep can help us be stronger in fighting viruses and infection outcomes, and improving vaccine effectiveness in many cases. Our T-Cells, active participants in our system, work more effectively with adequate sleep.


Like this program? Please help us reach our milestone fund raising goals for 2021, to increase programming on autism during a pandemic. Your funds will go to creating two research positions on autism and neurodevelopmental disorders at the UC Davis Mind Institute and the Heinrich Heine University.

Thank you for your ongoing support!


Advisory Board Member Dr. Mohammad Nami Talks About the Relationship between Sleep and Vaccine Effectiveness, copyright @Senses Cultural, April 2021


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