Smart Watches, New Tool for Autismposted on 28 Feb 2021 | post

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February 2021
Autistic students now have a new tool to help them with their studies, smart watches. These new smart watches, developed by Professor Ralf Schlosser at Northeastern University, offer teaching techniques to help students with autism. For example, the watch can send a text message to remind the students of the next study guidance or direction that they need. These messages help students feel and behave more independently. What is great about these smart watches is that they also facilitate social interactions, and build conversations during breaks and lunch times. If this technology expands, the future will bring new devices to help autistic individuals prepare for job interviews, and even monitor their overall health.
As a California-based non-profit organization working on research and education in the field of autism, Senses Cultural will collaborate with angel funders in Silicon Valley and universities to support the development of a new generation of smart watches.

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