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Essay Introduction Formatting Rules

Every academic writing follows a specific writing structure. MLA is one of the most widely used formats in academics. As a student, you should become familiar with this structure before you start writing any essay papers.

MLA Formatting Rules

Before you begin writing an essay paper, you should learn about the recommended writing style to use. Every dissertation introduction chapter essay paper follows a specific writing guideline. MLA is one of the most common styles used in learning institutions. Every essay paper is formatted based on this structure:

  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Recommendations
  • Bibliography

The above structure is similar to other essay paper formats. You can write the entire essay paper using this style. However, you might experience challenges when formatting the results section. Below are tips you can use when formatting your results section.

Write the Results Paragraph Last

Sometimes the instructor might request that you start the formatting process before writing the results. If this is the case, then you should do so last. Doing so will enable you to write the results section while sticking to the formatting rules.

Use a Single Page for the Results

For easy readability, you should arrange your results in a single page. You can use a regular font size of 12points and font style of Times New Roman. You can emphasize or emphasize with the lowercase letters and use larger fonts in some cases. This formatting style is common in social sciences and humanity subjects.

Double-space the Entire Paper

Even though you might be used to writing essays with one-inch margins, you should use double spacing when formatting the entire paper. This is because different programs use different margins. Therefore, you should specify the exact position of the headers and how they will be aligned. When double-spacing the entire document, you will be able to achieve an easy-to-read document.

Find Out How to Format Your Title Page

The title page is also crucial and should be like any other document. It should have the title, name of the student, admission number, name of the faculty, and date of submission.

Students should ensure that they present quality assignment essay reports for top scores. One trick to ensuring that you have an excellent essay report is by using the MLA style essay format. The above tips will help you to format your document in MLA format. Remember, you should also cite sources used in your writing.

You can also seek help from online sources and buy essay paper format templates at affordable prices. You will be sure to deliver an appropriate essay report if you format your paper using the correct guidelines. Do not hesitate to ask for guidelines whenever you get stuck.

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