Uniting to Celebrate World Health Day on April 7posted on 06 Apr 2020 | post

April 7, 2020, is the day to celebrate the hard work of dedicated health providers worldwide. At Senses Cultural, we also take this day to value our commitment to promoting the research and science on autism and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Today, our world faces new health challenges like COVID-19. The virus poses a special threat to individuals and families dealing with autism and neurodevelopmental disorders. It exacerbates anxieties in a community that already faces health-related hardships and discrimination. People suffering from these disabilities will face unforeseen obstacles in the months ahead.

Luckily, these families have long patiently learned to deal with health-induced stress. In the age of COVID-19, they could guide us to manage health-related fears. Our world has a great deal to learn from them, and owes them support to deal with their disabilities in uncertain times.

At Senses Cultural we aim to advance research linking the science on autism and neurodevelopmental disorders with the evolving science on viruses that pose a global threat. Our newly launched podcast programs and interviews with scientists and educators will raise community awareness about seemingly incurable diseases and viruses. Senses Cultural works globally, in countries as far as in Iran, in Asia and Europe, and in the United States. We help refugees and migrants.

Our major partners include universities and the scientific community, and we support the tireless work of the World Health Organization (WHO).

As part of the global health community, we encourage more investments in science to prevent irreversible harm on our societies. The scientific community needs our support, and we can offer that by better equipping ourselves and our partners  so that together we build a healthier world!

Tata Monfared
Founder, Senses Cultural

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