A one-day tour: A beautiful experience with Horseback Riding for Children with Autismposted on 11 Sep 2017 | post

Horseback riding for Autism Therapy is offered by the collaboration of Shokrane Movadate Jahani Organization, Senses Cultural (a charity advocate organization in Iran), and the support of the Department of Special Needs Children of Education Organization.

We have recently discovered that children with autism can establish an extraordinary connection with animals, especially horses. As a result, it could be very helpful with improving the social, neurological, and educational development of these children. One major issue is that many children with autism experience isolation due to their difficulty with communication with others. Horse therapy can help them feel joy, relax and experience a connection. This one-day experience assists families to feel satisfied and happy with the advancement of their children’s treatment.

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Why Use Horse in Therapy – Children … – Children’s TherAplay


The Children’s TherAplay Foundation is an outpatient clinic for children with special needs that incorporates horses into physical and occupational therapy.

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