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The IAWF conference held on the last Sunday of October, 2016 in Orange County, CA was a special time to understand the positive effect of Iranian-American women in changing the society and work environment in the US.

IAWF has chosen a specific goal for itself, set by Maryam Khosravani, to recognize and connect the professional Iranian-American women which has resulted in a better organization in American, Iranian and international societies.
The results show that the progress of Iranian-American women in industrial and technological arenas, compared to the other immigrant societies, has been phenomenal. In this respect Iranian women stay at the top of the list of progressive professional women. Maybe the special attention Iranian women pay to family values has given Iranian-American families an advantage, with less exposure to the wider society’s dysfunctions. As a result the family interactions and child education have remained as top priorities, allowing Iranian children to distinguish themselves particularly in science and technology.

Some of the highlights of the conference were introductions of professional women in sports, astronomy and sciences with big achievements for all Americans.

Some of the ladies are distinguished lawyers and law makers. Among them to name is Shahla Sabet who is a very well-known and established lawyer and the first female judge to be appointed to the state Supreme Court.

On the other spectrum there are women who have achieved the highest ranks in their professions. Below is the list of their names and achievements;

Tahereh Monfared Shafee: she is the president of Sensus Cultural Foundation. She talked about the obstacles of progress. She is one of the participants in the conference who is active in educational exchange in autism with Iran. She pointed out that only with perseverance and team work this important mission could be done in Iran. The obstacles could be overcome to meet the needs of people with autism and their families.



Special Report of the First Autism Conference in Tehran: Tahereh Monfared Shafee talked about the conference and how it could make the changes for women. It could also introduce and connect the professional women with each other and the outside world. She pointed out the collaboration between Sensus Cultural and IAWF. She mentioned that unfortunately in the modern world more than half of the children live under the poverty line and it is on the non-profit organizations to help these children by taking advantage of technology and science.

This panel contained three other professional women, Nyaz Kasravi, attorney at law specialized in racism and social injustice, Sogand Shoja and Shiva Farivar an activist who earned eighteen thousand votes in city council election, and moderator Ms. Shahrzad Ardalan, LA radio personality. All the members of the panel discussed important facts about obstacles facing progress of women.

Shahrzad Ardalan: the moderator of the panel, is the host of the weekly program on Radio Payk-e-Hafte. She has a lot of experience in working with non-profit organizations among them the Pars Foundation.

Sara Safari is a young engineer who is an avid trekker and mountain climber. She has started trekking a few years ago. Her main goal is helping Nepali girls who due to cultural pressure have to marry yound and live in slave-conditions, and are not allowed to go to school. In a fund raising for this purpose she climbed the 29000 feet Mount Everest and raised enough money to help a few of these girls. She personifies a strong woman who wanted to make a change and with exemplary hard work and perseverance was able to help her fellow human beings after the devastating earthquake in Nepal in 2015. She has penned her adventurous trip in a book titled, “Follow My Footsteps”. That book is on Amazon.

Roya Soleimani, the moderator of the conference is a UC Berkley graduate in political sciences and one of her outstanding tasks is public relations. Ms. Soleimani is very experienced in giving lectures and holding professional conferences. For a period of time she was working with Madeline Albright Foundation, (former secretary of state). At present time she is working at Google as head of Google Communications.

Dr. Sona Hosseini is a very well-known astronomer working at NASA. She is one of the innovators creating the special telescopes. Her passion is the space and she has been fascinated by it since high school. She has been involved with many American space programs.

Parisa Khosravi is one of the outstanding journalists working at CNN with more than three decades of professional background. She has just retired and her experience from working at CNN has given her a great vision in dealing with issues facing women.

Yasamin Khoram is another journalist who has recently started working at CNN. She was sharing her experiences with other people from the media in the panel.

All of these people in addition to many others not mentioned here, show the capabilities of Iranian-American women. Sensus Cultural will try to publish our interviews with them in subjects related to culture, intellect, sciences and society.

Translated from the original Document by: Setareh khanzadeh.

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