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Senses Cultural and its Iranian sister organization Shokraneh Mavaddateh Jahani (Blessings of Universal Contribution) are excited to present its first exhibition “Art & Autism” at Niavaran Institution of Art & Cultural in Tehran that will take place June 30th through July 5th this summer of 2016.

Curated by Senses Cultural’s new curator and art director Atiyeh Razavi, the exhibit is a combination of over 40 well known and emerging artist in Iran. Razavi began working on the exhibition in early March, and due to the popularity of art and philanthropy in Iran for the last 5 years, Razavi has great hopes for the upcoming exhibition. “I see that Iranians have developed a sense of supporting charities”. Razavi holds a BA degree in photography from Tehran University’s Department of Art and Architecture.

When asked about the support she has been receiving by local artist, Razavi stated “the artist have been very supportive and are attracted by the support of American organizations such as Senses Cultural, which has encouraged artist to get involved.”

Razavi has been working with galleries and exhibitions for the past 10 years but has not always experienced such success . “In Tehran, it is very difficult to put together a big exhibition, but the initiation of the Museum of Contemporary Art was very beneficial”. This exhibition will be her first experience working with the organization, but she has participated in other art exhibitions in Iran.

CEO and Executive Director of Senses Cultural Tata Monfared states, “This will be our first high quality experience with this institution as one of the most reputable art institutions of Iran and a holding organization for Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.The significance of holding the exhibit in Iran is due to the growing number of autism cases.”

The art pieces donated by artist featured in the exhibit will be for sale and will benefit start up schools that will help Iranian immigrant and Middle Eastern families dealing with autistic children through education and support.

After the exhibit, Senses Cultural hopes to continue its efforts by producing more exhibitions in the United States and abroad to continue to raise funds for this cause.

By Angelica Ekeke’s


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