Enduring Power Exhibition Thanks SFSU and Continues at RCNVposted on 04 Dec 2015 | post

The Art Gallery at SFSU, a student-run and student-funded program, was a gracious host to Enduring Power: The Middle Eastern and Iranian Women’s Story this September and October, which gave students and faculty of San Francisco State University a front-row seat to this powerful photo exhibition.  Senses Cultural is very grateful and honored to have partnered with this distinguished university.  Thank you, San Francisco State University, for your interest in collaboration that made this most recent showing of Enduring Power a success.

Much like Senses Cultural’s mission to spread cross-cultural awareness through the language of art, The Art Gallery’s mission is to promote and share dialogue, reflection, critical debate, and knowledge through the gallery’s programs and activities. Mr. David De Rozas, The Art Gallery’s curator and manager,  noted that the exhibition “had a great reception; we received around 400 visitors during the 3 weeks the exhibition were displayed”.  He also recalled that many guests were moved by the words and humanitarian career of Karen AbuZayd, who served as keynote speaker during Senses Cutural’s opening reception.  Mr. De Rozas also spoke highly of Laura Bousnak’s Education series, and that many students commented on the Hijab Series.

Senses saw The Art Gallery as an excellent forum to display this powerful collection of work, curated by LA-based photographer Sina Araghi, due to the Gallery’s obvious commitment to presenting dynamic and diverse works to the student body.   Mr. De Rozas noted that Art Gallery saw Enduring Power as a great opportunity to share the voice and vision of the modern Middle Eastern woman.  We at Senses were thrilled to share this exhibition with SFSU, and hope that this experience opened the minds and hearts of the show’s viewers.

It is with that same tone of shared missions that brought this collection to the Resource Center for Nonviolence in Santa Cruz, CA, under the guidance of Ms. Anita Heckman.  Enduring Power can currently be seen at RCNV until December 14th.  Paired with an excellent selection of films to be screened for First Friday and on International Human Rights Day to enhance this already powerful photography experience, Senses is excited to have the collaborative contributions of Anita Heckman at RCNV to make this showing of Enduring Power one of the most dynamic yet.  Senses Cutural thanks both Mr. De Rozas and Ms. Heckman for their commitment to expanding curator Sina Araghi’s initial vision, and is excited for the future of the this beautiful exhibition.

By Silvana Gargione

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