Interview from Senses’ Founder Tata Monfared with One World For Love and Peaceposted on 11 Jun 2015 | post

Nahid Kabbani, founder of One World For Peace and Love, spoke with Tata Monfared, founder of Senses Cultural, about the evolution and future of Senses as an organization.  While the interview originally occurred a few months ago, we now have the chance to share it with our audience.

Ms. Kabbani’s Public Television program, “The Lighthouse 4 Today’s Viewers”, is geared towards informing the Arab-American community in the Greater Sacramento area about humanitarian issues, opportunities, and challenges that newly immigrated Arabs may face.  The program is one aspect of the larger One World For Peace and Love organization, which provides assistance for immigrants and refugees while transitioning into life in the United States.

While on the program, Ms. Monfared explained the evolution that Senses Magazine made in 2012 when it became the larger organization known as Senses Cultural, and noted that philanthropic work has always been her passion.  She spoke of Senses’ mission to create a greater understanding between women of the East and West, and proudly mentioned that so much has already been accomplished towards this mission since the organization’s start in 2012.

Ms. Monfared also touched on the upcoming partnerships that she has developed internationally in hopes of spreading the positive effects that Senses Cultural is capable of reaching.  She noted that Senses’ continued efforts to have both an English and Farsi web presence allows for a wider readership regardless of a reader’s origin country.

To watch the segment featuring Tata Monfared, please visit Senses Cultural’s YouTube channel by clicking here.

By Silvana Gargione

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