Today we celebrate Nowroozposted on 21 Mar 2015 | post

Today we celebrate Nowrooz, known in English as Persian New Year, to mark the first day of Spring and the beginning of the Persian calendar.  Historically this ancient holiday traces past the days of Persepolis, yet Haft Seen is still present on modern tables all across the globe.

With the first day of spring comes the chance to look forward to what the upcoming year can bring, and that is a very exciting thing for Senses Cultural.  While last year was a very successful time for our projects and exhibitions, I know that 2015 will bring even more growth and expansion for our organization.

Senses Cultural wishes all the best for you and your family in this upcoming year. On this auspicious day in Persian culture, and all through the year to come, I hope that we can always move towards a more peaceful world.


Tata Monfared