Senses Cultural is proud to promote the International Museum of Women’s Muslima Exhibitionposted on 26 Oct 2013 | post

Senses Cultural is proud to be a supporter of the International Museum of Women (IMOW). The mission of the International Museum of Women is to inspire creativity, awareness and action on vital global issues for women. Because of the commonalities of purpose between Senses Cultural and IMOW, we are excited to promote this innovative online museum that showcases art, stories and ideas to celebrate, inspire and advance the lives of women around the world. We are especially honored to bring to you IMOW’s new exhibition, Muslima: Muslim Women’s Art & Voices.

Muslim Women’s Art & Voices is a global online exhibition that presents a groundbreaking collection of thought pieces and artwork from contemporary Muslim women who are defining their own identities and, in the process shattering pervasive stereotypes. Muslima includes exclusive interviews with global leaders of the movement for a more equitable world and original content from established and emerging artists and thinkers. Curator of this remarkable exhibit is Samina Ali, visionary, writer, activist, published author.   Watch Samina Ali’s remarks at the recent Muslima public program in San Francisco, “From Sharjah to San Francisco: Muslim Women Discuss Peace, Identity, and Art.”




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