In Celebration of International Women’s Day, Senses Cultural Attends Global Women Leaders Conference

Senses Cultural is excited to announce that our CEO and Founder, Tata Monfared, will be attending the Global Women Leaders Conference on March 8 and 9th in Dubai. The WOIBEX conference is the largest gathering for women’s empowerment in the 21st century and attracts the highest level of women leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, businesswomen, executives, and government leaders.

The aim of the conference is to close gender gaps and bring women in emerging markets into the global economic mainstream in order to unleash the potential of women and increase stability and prosperity worldwide.

Held annually in celebration of International Women’s Day, the WOIBEX conference pays tribute to women who translate leadership into action in order to forge long-term cooperation in building a globally competitive environment.

This theme of women’s empowerment is very much in keeping with the mission of Senses. This is Tata’s second time attending the conference. In a recent interview, Tata stressed the importance of engaging women by saying, “As we know, a wide array of obstacles undermine the lives of Middle Eastern women, and through formidable challenges, Middle Eastern women have been remarkably resilient in expressing their adequate power in creating change. This is a time when women in the Middle East can bring their partnership in regenerating and rebuilding the infrastructure of peace and unity for their nation and beyond.”

While attending the conference, Tata will be speaking to women leaders from around the world about our upcoming projects, such as the forthcoming art exhibitions, speaker series, and a new concept of an international non-profit club, which is a collaboration of NGOs working towards a common end.

The conference also gives Tata the opportunity to speak to women art patrons from the Middle East and globally who will be attending the conference.

Finally, Tata’s involvement with the conference will bring greater visibility to Senses internationally. As we move into 2014, Senses is committed to becoming an international organization. With Tata’s own background and her family’s connections with the world of art, culture, and business in Iran and the Middle East, it seems natural for Senses to share the beauty, art and culture of this part of the world with the West. During a time when many Westerners have negative images of the Middle East, spreading Senses’ mission of creating a more peaceful and healthy environment through sharing ideas and arts globally is especially vital.

Tata and Senses staff work hard to make sure the projects and organizations that we are supporting are aligned with our mission to create a more healthy and peaceful environment for all.


Senses Cultural is proud to promote the International Museum of Women’s Muslima Exhibition

Senses Cultural is proud to be a supporter of the International Museum of Women (IMOW). The mission of the International Museum of Women is to inspire creativity, awareness and action on vital global issues for women. Because of the commonalities of purpose between Senses Cultural and IMOW, we are excited to promote this innovative online museum that showcases art, stories and ideas to celebrate, inspire and advance the lives of women around the world. We are especially honored to bring to you IMOW’s new exhibition, Muslima: Muslim Women’s Art & Voices.

Muslim Women’s Art & Voices is a global online exhibition that presents a groundbreaking collection of thought pieces and artwork from contemporary Muslim women who are defining their own identities and, in the process shattering pervasive stereotypes. Muslima includes exclusive interviews with global leaders of the movement for a more equitable world and original content from established and emerging artists and thinkers. Curator of this remarkable exhibit is Samina Ali, visionary, writer, activist, published author.   Watch Samina Ali’s remarks at the recent Muslima public program in San Francisco, “From Sharjah to San Francisco: Muslim Women Discuss Peace, Identity, and Art.”




heART of Iran Exhibit

Thanks to everyone who helped with the very successful exhibit “HeART of Iran,” which was held in the Capitol from June 18-23, 2012. “It demonstrated what we can do when we work together,” said Tata Monfared, executive director of Senses Cultural.  “Thanks again to state Sen. Sam Blakeslee and his office.”

The goal of the exhibition of nearly 50 Iranian and Iranian-American artists was to provide a deeper understanding of the unique beauty of Persian culture and to challenge stereotypes of Iranians as Islamic extremists.


“We look forward to hosting more events at the Capitol celebrating Persian culture,” added Monfared. “After all, there are large numbers of Iranians in California who want to share their cultural heritage with others.”

heART of IRAN in the State Capitol of California

The month of festivities will feature an exhibition of works by Iranian artists on the first floor of the capital between June 17th and June 23rd, 2012. The exhibit will focus on interpretations of the meaning of peace and human rights for artists in the Iranian-American community. The exhibition looks to break through stereotypes of Iranians as “extremists” or a nation of “mullahs”, established by the depictions of Iranians contained in the popular press and political cartoons. By focusing on the importance of these universal values to the multifaceted Iranian diasporas and the hundreds of thousands of Americans with Iranian heritage, the exhibit intends to educate and share the richness and diversity of the Persian culture with all Californians.