Second Art for Autism exhibition

 Senses Cultural: Senses Cultural and it’s Iranian sister organization Shokraneh Mavaddateh Jahani presented their second exhibition “Art & Autism” at Niavaran Institution of Art & Cultural Foundation in Tehran in December 2017.


Senses Cultural founder and CEO Tata Monfared talks at the Living with Autism event in Tehran, Iran. She discusses the importance of arts and culture in the quest to help families living with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.


Senses Cultural will be hosting another special event, this time in Sacramento, California, to help Middle Eastern communities and refugee families dealing with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. The event will take place at the UC Davis MIND Institute in Sacramento from 5:30pm-7: 30 pm on Wednesday, August 1st, 2018.

Thanks for your support of Tehran International Autism Conference

Dear Friends,

The Sunday evening, October 8th fundraising event at our residence was a true blessing where we experienced the support of our community towards our efforts to expand autism research and treatment in Iran. The upcoming International Autism Conference in Tehran received a tremendous boost, thanks to all of you.

The conference is part of a journey we started a few years ago with great promise. From Sacramento to Tehran, and soon to other cities in Iran the Middle East and elsewhere, Senses Cultural is committed to helping those impacted by autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders live better lives. (We just received another exciting invitation from Esfahan University to discuss future conferences and workshops!)

I am especially grateful to the young professionals who are working with us to achieve these goals, as well as to our many partners, supporters and the board of advisors who are enabling us to implement our mission. Thank you!

Tata Monfared

Senses Cultural’s Efforts in Tehran and Isfahan

Over 200 guests benefited from in-depth presentations regarding autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders at the 3rdInternational Autism Conference at The Presidential Club in Tehran. This important event, sponsored by the Charity Foundation for Special Diseases, The University of Tehran and Senses Cultural, brought together leading Iranian specialists and, through the efforts of Senses Cultural, visiting specialists from universities in the United States and Turkey.
Day one was focused on scientific research and clinical interventions for an audience of professionals, while day two featured practical, day-to-day intervention recommendations from a child psychologist, a behaviorist, a speech and language specialist and an occupational therapist. In addition, numerous formal and informal meetings took place between the leaders of various research institutions to discuss potential collaborations focused on the needs of affected children and their families. Immediately prior to the conference, Senses Cultural arranged for a one-day conference for professionals in the city of Isfahan, followed by a visit to an early intervention school for children with all types of special needs related to intellectual disabilities. All in all, it has been an eventful week for Senses Cultural and its work in Iran.

Senses Cultural Plays Major Coordinating Role in Bringing Together Iranian and American Professionals for Autism Symposium

Senses Cultural’s Academy of Health has helped organize an Autism Symposium in Tehran, Iran for November 1 & 2. This event is the result of more than one year’s planning by Tata Monfared, President and Founder of Senses Cultural, who was quoted as saying that “We see this as an important step in improving the lives of those with autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders. We are especially pleased that Iranian and American professionals will be sharing the latest knowledge and research with each other.


The latest knowledge about treatment and the genetics of autism will be a primary focus of the event, along with how to organize effective patient advocacy organizations and foster collaboration between families and professionals. A molecular geneticist, Dr. Flora Tassone from the UC Davis MIND Institute in Sacramento, California and Robert Miller, Director of the Academy of Health and a patient advocacy organizational consultant, will be representing the American perspective at the symposium.

The Senses Academy of Health was founded in early 2015 to improve the lives of Middle Eastern families impacted by having a child with autism, fragile X syndrome, 22q syndrome and other neurodevelopmental disorders. The Autism Symposium in Tehran is one its first areas of focus, along with its Academy of Health website in Farsi and English, scheduled to launch later in November.

by Silvana Gargione