Women of Change: An Online Collection

Senses Cultural is proud to announce a new online collection of interviews, profiles and stories entitled “Women of Change.” This collection is intended to serve as both a look back at Senses Cultural’s past projects and the inspiring women who contributed to them, as well as a forum to bring new women and their existing causes into our organization’s focus.
Senses Cultural has always sought to create platforms for the opinions and creative expression of strong women from all backgrounds. Our goal has been to amplify these already powerful voices, supporting their creative and intellectual endeavors by organizing a variety of cultural events and art exhibitions.
These women—artists, activists, educators, writers, nonprofit organizers, and also mothers and daughters—inspire us with their tireless efforts to make an impact in their communities and the larger world.
They are strong, they are inspiring, they are Women of Change. We are pleased to share their stories here with you.
By Silvana Gargione

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