This Thanksgiving, Senses Cultural feels blessed and thankful for the support it has received from families, researchers, academics, scientists, educators and social care providers affected by or working on autism and neurodevelopmental disorders. Your support has enabled Senses Cultural to expand its humanitarian mission to assist families affected by autism and neurological disorders among refugees and communities of Middle Eastern or Asian descent in the United State and around the world.


Your contributions and gifts allow us to accomplish these goals through love, passion and determination aiming to help families and communities who work with autism and neurological disorders in the United States and globally.
It is thanks to this important support that Senses Cultural is able to embark on a series of new initiatives next year. In 2020, Senses Cultural will convene the International Stem Cell and Genetic Research Conference on Autism and Neurological Disorders with partners such as the UC Davis Mind Institute and Berlin University. The conference will offer travel assistance to researchers from countries in the Middle East and Asia, to enable deliberations over best local and international practices to address the needs of communities working with autism and neurological disorders.
Senses Cultural will maintain a year-long collaboration with the Mind Institute and Berlin University to advance research on the impact of environmental degradation on autism and neurological disorders. The organization is also proud to announce the launch of a pre-school curriculum for autistic children in the Middle East and Asia.

Thank you, and a very wonderful Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.